Claude Davis’ The Lost Ways Review

The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is a survival guide with a twist. It’s premise is that in order to survive a cataclysmic event such as an EMP (electro magnetic pulse), famine, or other natural disasters, instead of merely packing a bug out bag with three days’ worth of food, we have got to learn the survival skills that our pioneer forefathers had in spades. After all, having no power, internet, TV, refrigerator, phones, Safeway and Walmart was no tragedy for them. They called it everyday life.

Back to our roots

Davis says that the subtitle of The Lost Ways by Claude Davis is “Saving Our Forefathers’ Skills,” and he sets out to do exactly that. Even the presentation of the book is done the old-fashioned way, with design and typeface that harks back to the olden days. The book’s size is also quite big, giving it the gravitas and importance that the author feels it deserves. He writes as though these ways are secrets that it is his mission to number one, preserve, and number two, share with others.

Davis got a number of experts to contribute chapters to the book, covering such topics like

  • how to make traps for beaver and muskrat
  • what to do when you run out of ammo
  • how to make poultices to cure the sick
  • how to make a subterranean roundhouse (that works very well as a root cellar)
  • how to process water so it’s safe and clean for years
  • how to defend your family

and so on, and so forth. And so this book is actually a collective effort that draws on the many years of experience of experts who know their history. Davis also includes a recipe for pemmican, a superfood with just three ingredients (red meat, fat and blueberries or strawberries) and can go for years without going bad. Apparently our ancestors survived on pemmican during the hardest times when there was no other food to eat. Pemmican takes a while to prepare, and so Davis includes a recipe for another superfood that only takes 10 minutes to make, with ingredients that are already in your kitchen.

The good

The Lost Ways is a good book for the beginning doomsday prepper. It’s broad enough, and it draws from others’ expertise. It is clear and easy to understand, and quite engaging. The old-fashioned presentation adds to its charms. Hearing Davis’ story about how he got to the place of realizing that the secret to survival lies with our forefathers is fascinating. The man makes some good points, if you have a SHTF mindset and believe that doomsday is an eventuality and not a possibility, then, you are going to want to be as ready as possible.

The not-so-good

Maybe what gives the lost ways its charms is also what contributes to its flaws. I found it to be completely unironic—to the point of humorlessness at times. It takes itself a little too seriously, to be honest. The premise plays on a lot of people’s fears that something massively bad is going to happen and therefore we have to get ready to feed and protect ourselves. I can just imagine that someone who is just beginning to read up on survival techniques might need a lighter touch.

The verdict

Newbie preppers will have a lot to learn from The Lost Ways Book, and learning the survival secrets of our pioneer forefathers might even help us in our everyday lives.

Ecom Success Academy by Adrian Morrison

The question of succeeding and standing out terrifies us and we often find ourselves envying those who make huge success. The truth about success is often mistaken into an instantaneous moment which is practically not true.

But when we look at the huge icons of E-commerce and setups that started up from the internet and are now all over the world, does it not surprise us? It certainly does and makes us wonder, how is this possible?

The truth is, we all wish for success and as entrepreneurs, it seems like a cumbersome task to cross all the boundaries and limits to get an overnight success. As potential achievers, we lack one thing in our ambitions and that is the right way of achieving our goals.

This is where ecom success academy 2017 by Adrian Morrison comes into play.

How can this be possible?.

With a few basic guidelines and the experience that Adrian Morrison has, you or anybody can launch themselves in E-commerce and emerge as the top-ranking brand of our times. If you are still not sure, here’s how it all trickles down:

  • Letting you know the basic ideas and concept of the market of today’s world. It’s not what it was 10 years ago. Today, the market is not even close to what it was 20 years ago and as rapid as it may sound, you need to understand how the modern market works.
  • Teaching you how to promote your brand and where to draw the line. Failure is not an option here and you will be motivated that no matter what happens, tomorrow is all yours.
  • Encouraging you to take your ideas to public and online social media. Nobody in today’s world can pull himself to get to your level unless you offer yourself in the simplest way.
  • Marketing your products, ideas, and concepts in all possible way. Be it through e-mails, SMS, social media. The thing that you will be taught in ecom success academy is how to perform all this as effectively as possible.
  • Securing the position of your team and finding the best employees to build your name as concrete and as strong as possible. Only the finest team leads the strongest brand.
  • Whatever you intend to launch, you need to ensure that your project management is well equipped and ready for any possible outcomes. Take the risk; leave no chance and whatever comes in the end, be sure of it and be ready for it.

These ideas are not sufficient themselves. ecom Success academy by Adrian Morrison offers you to equip yourselves with the finest set of skills to launch yourself in the world or E-commerce with full confidence.

It certainly takes its course and the time is an integral to all kinds of success but with proper guidance and teachings offered by Adrian Morrison, that time can be easily managed into productive ways and you will never have to long for success. So, whatever the top brand today may be, you can be one of them with proper attention and commitment to yourself.

100k Factory Revolution Review

What is 100K Factory Revolution?

100K Factory Revolution 2017 is referred to as the third generation of a program known as the 100k factory which was a system used to take users by hand and teach them how to generate annual revenue of $100,000. This program is aimed at educating people on varieties of internet marketing disciplines which they can incorporate to start out their money making journey.

When was it launched?

It was first launched in June 2015. It was then followed by the 100k factory ultra-edition launched in April 2016. It was recorded that student of the program made over nine million dollars in sale.

Who are the founders?

Successful online internet marketer Aidan Booth and former fortune 500 CEO Steve Clayton are the brain box behind this innovation. They both paired up in 2015 to launch the original 100k factory and they are waxing stronger even till now.

Aidan booth has been in the internet marketing world for more than 10 years and has created over 1,500 sites. Aidan recorded his first success in affiliate marketing, he later started developing ecommerce sites which he also recorded a huge success. Though not all his sites generated income, but the ones that did were doing it at a huge rate.

On the other hand, Steve Clayton is an internet marketing guru and also the vice president of a fortune 500 company. The pair developed the 100K Factory model to share their knowledge and experience with the world.

How does the 100K Factory Revolution work?

Well, in case if you’ve never heard of the 100k factory, I guess you must have had some sort of doubt in other 100k Factory Revolution Review. Of course, it’s a totally natural reaction. However, note that two highly successful version of this program has been previously released. Ok, let’s roll.

The 100k shows that it is an all in one course that takes you by hand and teaches you how to earn $100,000 income per year by simply utilizing four easy sites.

One of the great features of this program is the 100k Launchpad software built to help you generate income rapidly and quickly. This can be a bit difficult to believe but it is simple to make income online if one is equipped with the right tools and training.


How does training work?

100K Factory has a huge training program. It is structured into live training workshop that will last for 8 weeks, recorded training videos, several manuals in PDF, as well as great business planning kit. These resources will show users how to generate over $100,000 per year with 4 websites. The methods utilized are;

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling your own physical products
  • Use of Adsense
  • Selling email leads

The utilized marketing strategies are extremely wide and this is one reason why this program has been successful. All the information is easy to grasp. One only needs to have the desire to learn the concepts and tools. Also, users are opportune to receive training from founders Aidan booth and Steve Clayton.

After users have set up and have their website up and running, training starts immediately. The intention is to make you understand the best ways of generating traffic to your site. The program will teach users how to get a huge number of traffic at low cost or fast ways to gain complimentary traffic.

The program is set up in a way that you can easily see income flowing in within hours of publishing the site. This quick earning is made possible because of the program’s focus on different revenue sources such as Facebook advert and AdSense

What should I expect after completing the program?

Upon completion, your potential making money is endless. This is because you can create more than four websites. The $100,000 annual income was only based on owning four websites.

What is the sign up cost?

It’s for a one-time fee of $2497. It might sound like a huge investment but it actually pays. Users who have invested their money and time have made a huge success. Ultimately, the choice is all yours to make.